Just 3 km from Caserta, Marcianise Logistic Hub today has a fully owned surface area of 500,000 m2, of which 200,000 m2 taken up by covered and refrigerated floorspace.

The area accommodates the Autoservizi Bizzarro business centre, which includes a fully equipped workshop and multiservice mall (bank, restaurant, offices and conference room) and 11 warehouses of different sizes, at room temperature and controlled temperature (0-4 ° C / 18 ° C).

The Cold division, represented by International Frigo Logistic (IFL), has two frozen food warehouses capable of maintaining temperatures down to – 25°C.

The entire complex is fully fenced, with controlled access gates, and is equipped with advanced security services and a site security department. The area has ample vehicle manoeuvring spaces and parking areas.


All the warehouses are in compliance with the most stringent safety standards, with code compliant technical systems and advanced fire-fighting equipment.
For perfect preservation and certification of stored food and nonfood products the warehouses are equipped with efficient technological climate control systems and refrigeration systems, with temperature-differentiated areas: frozen food warehouses capable of maintaining temperatures down to – 25°C, fresh produce warehouses a 0°/+5°C, chilled or ambient warehouses at +18°C/ambient temperature.
Each structure is optimized to provide the maximum storage space and functionality:
Offices, toilets and battery charging spaces are all located outside the storage volume: 100% of the available internal space is used for product storage. Three sides are used for loading/unloading activities with a large number of docks.

Each warehouse, both at controlled temperature and at room temperature, is equipped with prefabricated walls with an interposed layer of insulating polystyrene, and a cover made of insulated panels with thermal k 0.32 W / m2 K. This construction solution guarantees reduced thermal excursions at the internal work environments, bringing benefits both to the staff employed in the warehouse and in terms of energy expenditure.